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Jay Laverty, 36 years.

Oulton Broad, Suffolk, UK.

Waar gaat je interesse naar uit?
I am primarily interested in subject matter of British and Soviet origin during the 2nd World War, although I occasionally build German and American subjects also. I also occasionally build WWI and Modern subjects.

Wat bouw je het liefst?
I am very partial to a Sherman, Panther or a T-34 in all scales except for 1:72nd which is just to small. When it comes to Aircraft, I have a very wide variety of interests.

Heb je wel eens een prijs gewonnen?
I am not really a competition modeller, and only enter competitions when a show is an open competition where all models are included. I have one some Gold and Silver awards and have taken best of show once or twice.

Welke modellen heb je gemaakt voor MBM?..
I have had a few models published for MBM, including my 1:35 Humber Scout Car Mk.I, my 1:32 P-47D and I look forward to a long and happy collaboration with one of Europes best modelling magazines.

Welk artikel dat MBM van jouw werk heeft gepubliceerd is jouw favoriet?
So far my P-47 is my favourite, although I always enjoy seeing the other models published in MBM and Mario Eens, and Jeroen Veen always make an article that I enjoy.

Wat zou je de lezers van MBM willen leren?
I hope that all of MBM's readers are encouraged by my modelling articles, and that my enthusiasm for modelling is passed on in print. Hopefully some of the techniques I use will be helpful for readers to improve their own models, and that the articles are an enjoyable read as well.

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