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Luciano Rodriguez, 41 years old

I am spanish and live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Waar gaat je interesse naar uit?
At the moment I am totally hooked up by AFV models in 1/48th scale which proved to be very enjoyable and fresh to me. I also like to make Aircrafts, and Sci-Fi models when I have the chance for it. Aside that, my main modelling interest is to enjoy this hobby plenty and to have a good time making models.

Wat bouw je het liefst?
Personally I do not limit my choices and I think the modelling world (offering) is too wide to have only a bunch of favourites. I like to make almost anything and I like to be open and flexible when necessary to make different things and I do not stick to one only field. Anyways, I also have my criteria and taste to pick up one specific subject and I can be one discriminating modeller at times too.

Heb je wel eens een prijs gewonnen?
I attended and entered international modelling shows and contests for years in the past and my models can be seen in some events worldwide from time to time still , but in my opinion awards are not important because awards give you good reputation but awards cannot make you better modeller, so I do not have any ambition to get more awards and I also believe it is very good to give way to new modellers to reach the top as well.

Welke modellen heb je gemaakt voor MBM?..
Until now MBM has featured four models from mine and more models are to follow in the following issues.

Welk artikel dat MBM van jouw werk heeft gepubliceerd is jouw favoriet?
Paradoxically, although I consider myself basically one AFV modeller, the 1/72nd scale P-47D Thunderbolt is the submission I more like until now. MBM Nr.10 (JULI/AUG 2006)

Wat zou je de lezers van MBM willen leren?
I would like MBM readers believe and feel model making is a wonderfull hobby, but the most important thing to me is readers must be free to find theirs own way to enjoy theirs own and personal hobby and I would like people to have theirs own criteria to decide by themselves what they like or dislike. I also want readers to understand modelling world is big enough to find your own place on it and everything is respectable in terms of personal satisfaction. One model from the box is same valuable than one super detailed model if you are happy with your performance.

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