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Antonio Martin Tello, 43 years old.

Zaragoza, Spain.

Waar gaat je interesse naar uit?
I work as a scientific researcher in chemistry in the Spanish Research Council. I build models since I was 14. As many of us, I started with some few planes, and then I moved to military vehicles. My first 1:35 model was Italeri's Kublewagen. Since then, my main modelling interest has focused in WWII vehicles. At the beginning, I only modelled German subjects but later I widened my scope and now I model vehicles from any nationality i nvolved in the war in Europe and the Mediterranean area.

Wat bouw je het liefst?
In fact, I have become a real fan of the Sherman family of vehicles and every year I build at least one of them. I am mainly a 1:35 modeller, but recently I made some incursions in 1:72 and 1:48 with great fun. Especially, I think that 1:48 is a very suitable scale for Military vehicles, and now I plan to alternate 1:35 and 1:48 in my workbench.

Heb je wel eens een prijs gewonnen?
Yes, several prices, national and international.

Welke modellen heb je gemaakt voor MBM?..
Many articles in 1:35 and 1:48, some still need to be published.

Blue Peter 2014